Why buy a MAC?

Because MAC Trailer has been in the business of game-changing solutions combined with a exponential elevation of the standards for quality—far exceeding industry expectations—for more than 22 years.

It’s product and engineering designed to meet the most stringent region- and load-specific requirements.

And most of all, because the MAC Trailer way is an idea: It’s a hands-on relationship that has you covered through a unrivaled team of experts and support, Because it’s not just a trailer. It’s a MAC Liquid Tank Trailer.

Enduring quality. Industry-leading support. Solutions built for you.

MAC Trailer is:

  • An unparalleled legacy of excellence in business solutions
  • An unmatched track record of innovation and customer success
  • The strength and support of industry-leading warranties and a comprehensive network of dealers, and customer support
  • The motivated leadership, guidance and resources of the MAC Trailer team
  • The industry standard in Lean manufacturing excellence, master welder and triple-ISO certifications

Solution-driven products, custom engineered to meet the most demanding requirements and built with pride by employees who belong to the “MAC family”.



As a manufacturer, MAC Trailer recognizes the complexity of today’s every changing market and the necessity to make you more competitive with advanced design trailers that provide operational benefits; or incorporate alternative components-materials that will improve fuel economies, maximize performance, reduce maintenance costs, increase payloads, generate greater profits, protect your investment and focus on safety.

For MAC Trailer, technology is not something you purchase, but rather have the vision and ability to create. All of us are constantly listening to YOU, the customer. We are going onto job sites to better understand and witness first hand the demands of your individual applications and its impact on the trailer’s design and structural integrity. With this direct and personal field knowledge, we then engineer and manufacture a product with a higher level of innovative and created technology.

With such a driving force, MAC’s commitment to always strive for the betterment and efficiencies of your operations has been quite evident over the years with the introduction of and overwhelming reception of the all aluminum Step Deck Platform, the aluminum MACsimizer Half Round designed end dump with up to a 60 cubic yard capacity, the 90 cubic yard steel SCRAPMAC, the aluminum MAC “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) MACLOCK product line of SMOOTH-SIDEDconstructed trailers, the all aluminum B-train stinger, the world’s first all aluminum extendable trailer and now, after rave reviews, all eyes are focused on the latest trailer in the MAC lineup – the PNEUMACTIC tank.

What does the future hold? We will continue to listen to you. AND MAC TRAILER WILL CONTINUE THE VISIONARY QUEST OF TECHNOLOGY!


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